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WordPress Development

We are at the cutting-edge of developing powerful, scalable and interactive WordPress Service

At Code Fusion, we are fast attaining a covetous and monumental position in the industry by offering a range of premium quality WordPress services and solutions without costing our clients a fortune. Also, we portray the fact straightforwardly that every WordPress solution, we deliver fits the business needs and industry fronts to a nicety. We take modest pride in having a team of astute and expert WordPress developers that specialize in WordPress CMS and plug-in development, theme customization and maintenance services. We strictly deploy cutting-edge technologies and tools to offer magic results deep down to our clientele.

Our WordPress development services can rev up your business performance

Joining hands with Code Fusion will let you to avail of the comprehensive blue-chip WordPress website development services and solutions that can rev up the performance of your internet business dramatically. We give the word to achieve your WordPress development needs and goals because we have the passion, ability, skills and confidence to achieve the target like a dream. We although typically follow benchmarks to carry out a project and in the meantime, we at times tend to break the mold to bring out something that is not only one of its kind but inventive without reserve too.

We can deliver insightful and synergistic service

Our competent WordPress technicians have decades of rich know-how and experience in delivering insightful and synergistic outsourcing services that enable you to update or revamp your web content as per your business pre-requisites. Our well-built infrastructure can works wonders for you in fortifying the development of user-friendly WordPress themes, plug-ins and extensions that let you reap a range of benefits such as friendliness to user and search engine optimization. Code Fusion is your springboard to help you take a giant leap towards development and success in the following ways:

Affordable Cost: We assure you reap the exact and blue-chip value out of your investment. We are always avid to help you make the most from our dependable and premium services that can let you get the highest ROI (return on your investment).

24/7 Technical Customer Support: We offer second -to-none 24/7 technical customer support as a result of the state-of-the-art and top-notch communication systems we follow.

Tried and Trusted Gimmicks: The fact that we possess comprehensive knowledge and experience in WordPress development has enabled us to consistently deploy supreme and ironclad gimmicks.

ISO 9001 Processes: We exclusively follow ISO 9001: 2008 benchmarks to ensure a magic performance will be carried out all the way through the project cycle.

100% Customizable Website

We fundamentally bring WordPress into play as a neat website’s platform. We can nurture your website end to end, which you can customize to kick your brand upstairs and offer a matchless experience to your visitors.

We offer the following WordPress development services:
• WordPress web development
• Open source CMS development
• Installation & Configuration
• Support & Maintenance
• WordPress migration
• WordPress theme development
• Custom plug-in development
• WordPress responsive web development
• WordPress blog development
• Wordpress template Design
We take modest pride for being expert WordPress developers:

Cutting-Edge Technologies

We strictly deploy cutting-edge technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 to deliver premium results and utmost satisfaction to our customers. We carry a wide-ranging library replete with tons of terrific fonts and imageries. Also, we follow the web standards that are compliant to all browser types. We are your sounding board that will help you all the way through.

Technical Expertise

We possess decades of technical expertise and experience in carrying out WordPress projects, so we are confident we can come into play for you excellently. As far as programming languages are concerned, we have been actively following a diversity of languages but not confined to PHP, MySQL, node.js, Javascript & JQuery. We actively and sincerely bring Content Management Systems into play. Apart from Wordpress, we also give broad attachment to Drupal, Magento, Joomla and Open Cart systems etc.

Our Team

When you have considered us for WordPress customization, rest assured we will never let you down but will always help you make the most out of our abilities and services. By the by, we are a team consisted of high fliers, full-fledged, tech-savvy developers and designers who are very good at managing back and front end. We can play a seminal role in brand building for your company and it is not a fantasy but our ironclad assurance.

Our Promise

We, at Code Fusion, strictly survey the needs and goals of our customers end to end and then carry out the project responsibly. We walk the extra mile for you to make your dreams come true. For us, nothing matters much more than your satisfaction. Because we understand well that if we work sincerely for you, our reputation will surely grow otherwise it will be deflated and we are highly concerned about our reputation.

Our Approach

We pay attention to every project we received from our customers. After analyzing the project end to end expertly, we come to the fore to share ideas, innovate and leave no stone unturned to satisfy you. We create UI mock-up, nurture functionalities, craft artistically, and deliver the finished quality product to you timely.

We encourage you to have the experience of expert and high-grade Wordpress development from us.

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