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Code Fusion is your most dependable and experienced Web Development Company in India, which offer the service to clients operating every small and big businesses client. We are committed to giving you the excellence in the web development services. We firmly pay attention to your business challenges and goals and our team of full-fledged web developers go hand in hand with our clients to deliver brilliant software development solutions that are responsible for your overall website development and management end to end. Our Web development services are absolutely one of a kind, well-planned, well-integrated and are within your means.

Our expertise

Our professional consultants and experts work in collaboration with the clients to help them achieve their web development goals. Being a leading web development service provider at Code Fusion, we are committed to offering down-to-earth and first-rate product development and services, abated administrative costs, 24/7 customer service which ensures the most favourable profit to all our clients.

Our method

We have comprehensive knowledge of web development. Combining this knowledge together brings together purposeful solutions. We work according to a clear process in which we actively involve the customer. After each step in the process, we will discuss the progress and results.

Our seasoned web developing professionals principally utilize state-of-the-art techniques and tools to develop optimum custom web applications as per your website needs and goals. Our web development services are focused on the aspects of analysis, project planning, manpower assessment, instant prototyping and support at every level. On the whole, the gist of our web developing services lies in cross-industry experience, multi-taking, a profound study of your business goals and management.

Web development solutions we offer

Our web developing solutions effectively help our clients to provide maximum visibility and help drive target audience visibility without fail. It is our exclusive strategic approach to add quality and dynamism to our clients’ businesses that help us invariably in delivering a satisfactory experience to deliver the following web solutions: • E-commerce Website Development • Application Integration Services • Content Management Systems • CRM solutions

From websites through web applications to apps

Certainly, the limits between apps, applications, and sites have been increasingly blurred in recent years. And by the maturity of open source frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel and AngularJS, custom work has also become available to the smaller entrepreneur. The seasoned web developing technicians of our team offer the best quality functionality that is competing with what was previously reserved for multinationals, and ensure that it has been working for years to work securely, consistently and fast.

User experience from front to back centre

Most people who use a web environment are often the ones who get the worst from it. Behind appealing looking websites are management environments with a mass of buttons, half of which are hard for users to click on.

Because managers should also be happy with the work, and the importance of a Content Management System should therefore be in line with the Content. With that said, for example, we at Code Fusion invariably develop a customized management section, which is free of any buttons, and everything can be achieved and the meaning is clear right away.

Open Source is not a goal but a means

As a company, we embrace a range of successful open-source projects. Symfony is the open source framework that serves as a basis for manifold frameworks and CMS systems, for example, Laravel and Drupal. It is so powerful and advanced that we use it as a basis for most of our projects, and now we have attained so much expertise that we actively and readily contribute to the framework itself.

In addition, we also encourage our team involvement in the concerned open source web development projects. We also have made contributions to projects such as Composer, Doctrine and popular modules for external integration.

Our extensive knowledge

Our extensive knowledge of web development and open source is simply not limited to one-off projects. We take a great delight to assist you with your own projects, audits, reviews or architecture. Apart from our extensive knowledge of Symfony, you can also choose us for general consultancy in the field of PHP and Javascript, or related knowledge areas like Docker, database search and virtualization.

Our long-term relationships with clients

Over the years of our being in the industry, we have maintained long-term relationships with our clients. For projects that continue to grow or develop together with their user base, it is once nice to have a permanent party who is open and fair advising on the current state of affairs. We can assist you in various roles, from ranging from the agile development team to regular partner for periodic updates.

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Want to know more our Web Development services, please get in touch us with us and we will let you know how effectively we can help raise up your online business in the internet market or if you wish to get answers to any questions you may have or to request your Web Development Information Kit. Code Fusion is a proven website for Web Development Services as well as other broad array of services.

So kindly write a mail to and/or +91-8837624775 and one of our customer support technicians will get back to you with an estimated quote based on your requirements.

Services we offer

  • Business web design
  • Custom web design
  • Micro site web development
  • Web 2.0 solutions
  • Website Redesigning
  • Website Mainetenance
  • Rich Internet Application

Technologies we have worked on

  • AJAX
  • Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • cPanel
  • CSS
  • HTML, HTML 5.0
  • Javascript, jQuery & jQuery UI
  • MVC Framework
  • w3css
  • VBScript
  • WordPress

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