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SMO and SMM Services

We offer Social Media optimization and Social Media Marketing Services to maximize your band reputation and visibility.

Social Media Optimization Overview

Social Media Optimization is the process of incorporating different media methods in order to generate publicity. Similar to word-of-mouth, Social Media Optimization creates a "buzz" through the use of networking in social bookmarking, video and photo sharing websites, blogs and many other "social" Internet forums. It is a form of Internet marketing that blends search engine optimization and traditional marketing strategies (as applied to social media websites and the leveraging of Web 2.0 services). Web 2.0 is an umbrella term encompassing blogs, social networking and bookmarking, collaborative knowledge sharing, topic-specific micro communities, user-generated-content, and associated technologies including RSS Feeds, AJAX, Widgets, etc. Through our proven Social Media Optimization (SMO) services, we furnish our clients with the opportunity to capitalize on link building, enhanced direct referrals from third-party sites, enhanced brand awareness and so forth. We also assist you to make the most from a fast increasing social media landscape to enhance your business reach.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing involves proactively participating while adhering to the guidelines thereof, in various Web 2.0 or Social Media communities with the main goal of engaging your target audience. Some prominent sites include Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Tumblr, YouTube etc. along with hundreds of medium and niche communities and services that further dot the rich landscape of Social Media.

Social Media Optimization: The Benefits

• Offers direct referrals to your website, product or service.
• Generates inbound links back into your website.
• Links are extremely important in order to rank well and grow in visibility within the search engines.
• Ensures permanent "ad" placements.
o Once the initial effort has been implemented, a mention in social media is akin to having a permanent ad placement on a third-party site, with SEO "legs" of its own. The third-party pages hosting your content can potentially serve as an additional search engine listing to complement your primary site listing.
• Delivers promotional value and viral marketing opportunities from user-generated content.
o If users are impressed by the quality and relevancy of your content, this increases the chances that users will create additional content on your behalf, promoting your brand either directly or indirectly. This means content with potentially beneficial marketing/SEO value.

Social Media Optimization: What we do?

• Understand your target audience and their social community
Because your content will be seen and evaluated by users entrenched in their own "social networks," we at Code Fusion Private Limited takes great care to be sensitive to their ground rules, norms, and interests.
• Produce ongoing content
To maximize your social media marketing efforts, original content that appeals to your target audience must be continually created. As part of our Social Media Optimization services, Code Fusion Private Limited will create articles, blog entries, comments on existing content and responses to user feedback.
• Continually monitor and report on your Social Media Optimization campaign
A social media marketing program is only as good as its results. At Code Fusion Private Limited, we provide full transparency of activities prior, during, and post-implementation. We will provide ongoing recommendations on how to improve and build upon your SMO campaign.
Social Media marketing/Optimization is the very special form of network marketing which uses the common internet network like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc. to propagate your brand. In a true sense SMM/SMO has added tangible value to the search marketing and optimization as there is a good amount of passionate visitors on esteemed internet network.
The prime benefit will be that your network will get improved social importance and one can reach very easily and speedily to a particular class of people. Social Media Marketing works in a parallel fashion of viral marketing, the key difference is in definition of the target sector. One not only promotes his brand through these self-replication methods, but he can communicate his new ways/ directions/ diversifications through social network marketing.

We at have identified some of the important things to satisfy your SMM/ SMO needs:

• Most important social media vehicles;
• Choosing of groups as per your product and service;
• Creation of your identity on selected social media websites;
• Content optimization in social media networks;
• Writing and analyzing of reviews.

Social Media Marketing has various benefits for your online existence:

• Higher visibility in your targeted network.
• Improved amount of targeted traffic.
• Brand awareness among your target audience.
• Enhanced online identity in growing networks.

Why hire only professional SMO/SMM consultants?

SMM comes with a tag "HANDLE WITH CARE" so you cannot afford to ignore the risk associated with SMM that is why a Professional SMM Consultant is needed to handle your social media marketing/ optimization needs. To find more about the benefits associated with SMO/SMM, do not hesitate to contact us at Code Fusion Private Limited if you have any questions about us or our services or your company’s social media marketing/ optimization needs. To know more about latest happening in social media marketing.

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If you are looking to get any questions about us or our services or your company’s social media marketing/ optimization needs, we can assist you in sufficing the need for you best. However, we would like to learn about your specifications first, so kindly write a mail to and/or +91-8837624775 and one of our internet marketing Consultants will get back to you with an estimated quote for your Windows app development requirements.


Price Packages

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Contract Period (For best result) 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
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Reporting Monthly Bi-Monthly Bi-Monthly


Facebook Page Setup
Facebook Enhance
Weekly Post 8 20 50
Share in Relevant Groups
Work on Facebook Likes
Work on Facebook Reviews
Geo Targeted Fans(Likes)


Twitter Setup
Twitter Enhance
Weekly Tweets
Twitter-Background Design
Twitter-Follower Adding

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Page Setup
Pinterest Enhance
Weekly Post Pins 8 20 50
Pinterest - Follower Adding (Weekly)


Linkedin Profile Creation
Linkedin - Company Page Setup
Linkedin Company Cover Page Design
Weekly Linkedin Post 8 20 50

Google + pages

Google + Page Creation
Weekly Updates 8 20 50
Google Circle Adding

Instagram Promotion

Instagram profile Creation
Weekly images Updates (With trending #tags) 8 20 50
Business account Enhancement
Instagram - Follower Adding (Weekly)


Quora Profile Creation
Weekly Answer Updates 5 12 20

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