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Code Fusion Private Limited offers strategic search engine optimization & cost effective web solutions for your company.

Code Fusion Private Limited is a distinguished and award-winning Search Engine Optimization company based in India. We specialize in cost-effective solutions for small, medium and large companies who seek to raise their marketing performance online while conserving budget funds. While Affordable and effective Search Engine Optimization is our core business, organic search results are not the only method we employ. We also manage PayPerClick (PPC) campaigns and other forms of web marketing campaigns. India has lots of Search Engine Optimization companies, so why should you select ours? The answer is that we provide dependable, consistent management of web marketing services that you can count on when it absolutely has to be offshore.

Target right set of keywords to get maximum return on your search engine optimization efforts.

We support our Search Engine Optimization and the related services with a strong commitment to customer service and an understanding that your copy has to make sense to your target audience, not ours. This is why we partner with the seasoned US and European copywriters to provide consistent content management for your strategic online campaigns. SEO services include good sales copy that not only attracts relevant searches but also actually sells the site user on the product or service that the end client provides. This allows you to get the customer in the door, and up to the cash register.

How We Perform SEO Services?

As a dependable and time-honored Search Engine Optimization company, it is generally expected that it should also offer effective Search Engine Optimization consulting and other related SEO services. And with the view to offering world-class Search Engine Optimization services, we invariably keep the interests and goals of our customers. Also, it is good to have one collaboration on your site, although not all teams are capable of offering all the components you need without external supervision and coordination. Our partnerships get rid of the guesswork and hassles of coordinating a legion of teams, technical and inventive, by joining them from the start! Now affordable and cost-effective Search Engine Optimization from a premier Indian Search Engine Optimization company can also mean a company with creative vision and business expertise of a US or European company.

Code Fusion Private Limited gives you the best of all possible worlds by taking expertise directly from the source and meshing them into a coherent and attractive marketing message. That means that you get affordable and effective India-based Search Engine Optimization services combined with competitively priced, region-specific marketing creative. The end result is not just a better online marketing, but also incorporates the client’s own regional economy on a more frequent basis, allowing many economies to more closely work together in harmony. This means that when you buy from us, you may, in fact, be buying from your own compatriots we partner with to provide the best possible cost to our clients.

1. The SEO Strategy:

SEO analysis of your site researched by a professional SEO advisor to take stock of opportunities for improvement thereby employing a big approach to achieve best results.

2. Keyword Research:

An exhaustive analysis of your company business and a rather analysis of which keywords and phrases can target best results.

3. SEO Copyrighting:

Content optimization employing your target keywords and phrases into the various pages of your site to achieve great ranking.

4. Link Building:

This will help you creating internal links into your website and your site will gain a good ranking In spite of all the aforesaid features of salient SEO strategy,

The Role Of Creative In SEO

The message you convey to others is the lasting impression. The message is conveyed not solely, but primarily through your marketing materials, which accounts for more than 95% of how your clients see you. Your message should arrive intact, not mangled by poor keyword-stuffed copy and inconsistent marketing graphics. While getting the end customer to the door is crucial, an India-based Search Engine Optimization company that can maintain your message coherently is ultimately worth much more than merely getting the customer to the door alone. Our SEO services involve creative professionals that are versed in your market, so that your message is as effective as it should be, while still keeping production costs to a minimum.

Technical Issues To Consider

As Google and other major engines change their algorithms over time, it is likely to become harder, not easier, to optimize site content with only keywords in mind. This makes it imperative to invest your marketing budget wisely from the start in methods that serve a long-term strategy.

Search Engine Optimization without a message and compelling calls to action not only don’t sell your goods and services but also they leave a negative image of your site and your company in the mind of the site user (your bread and butter) In addition, some rich text strategies work for some sites, but not necessarily for yours. Experienced online marketing experts know what principles to employ and know exactly where and how to apply them. Leave the technical issues to the only Indian SEO Services provider who understands all the issues. Our foundation is in the technical aspect of web marketing, while we partner with top creative from some of the most cutting edge agencies and professionals the world over. We have got your bottom -line covered.

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If you are seeking to optimize the performance of your website through search engine optimization services within your budget, we can assist you in sufficing the need for you best. However, we would like to learn about your specifications first, so kindly write a mail to and/or +91-8837624775 and one of our SEO project Consultants will get back to you with an estimated quote for your website optimization needs.


Price Packages

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Initial Review & Analytics

Site Analysis
Content Duplicacy Check
Initial Rank Report
Keyword Research
Google Penalty Check

On page Optimization

Website Page Load Optimization
Header Tags Optimization
Html, Code Cleanup & Optimization
Internal Link structuring & optimzation
Pages H tags optimization
Image & HyperLink Optimization
Robots.txt Creation/Analysis
Html & XML Sitemap
Google & Bing Webmaster Tools
Google Analytics
Title & Meta Tags Optimization
Page Speed Optimization Analysis
Sitemap Creation

Initial Review & Analytics

Google My Business Setup & Verification
Google Places - Photo/Multimedia additions
Customer Reviews/Ratings 5 7 10
Listings in Online Yellow Pages
Schema Implementation for Contact Address
Setting Geo Targeting in Google
NAP Syndication & Citation Building
Updating Pages & hcard integration
Classified Submissions

Initial Review & Analytics

Blog writing 1 1 3
Informational Article Writing & Submission 2 3 5
Pres Release Writing & Submission 1 2 3
Guest Blog Posting 1 2 3
Press Release Social Bookmarking 5 10 20

Initial Review & Analytics

Social Bookmarking 10 20 40
Facbook & Twitter Account Setup
Profile Content Writing
Facebook wall updates
Google+ Updates
Facebook Timeline Design

Monthly Reporting

Search Engine Rank Report
SEO Reports
Google Analytics Report
Activity Report
Monthly Action Plan

Customer Support

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