WebSite @ ₹ 7,000
WebSite @ ₹ 8,000
E-Commerce @ ₹ 15,000
Mobile App. @ ₹ 40,000
S.E.O @ ₹ 8,000
Logo Design @ ₹ 2,000

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E-Commerce Application

If your online E-commerce business is ready to tread on the sales vehicle, then our highly specialized and user-friendly e-commerce portal is your driving fuel. If you need to handle a storehouse of products and manage significant sales of the same, then our advanced e-commerce platform known as the “Icekoder” is a one-stop platform for all your diverse online e-commerce needs. Our advanced e-commerce platform provides the lucrative option of integrating and automating business transactions with online customers, vendors, and remote warehouses. Our high-end e-commerce platform as Icekoder offers the needed screen and database updates, and includes a specialized tool kit to manage inventory, customer, and ordering data effectively.

With the help of Icekoder e-commerce platform, the retailers can avail the ecommerce platform services that include:

  • Merchandising : Icekoder enables the retailers to help the online shoppers find what they want exactly quite easily. The online retailers can maximize their profitability by featuring their products based on inventory levels, customer demand, and product pricing.
  • Order Management : With real-time inventory counting including the products on order or in transit, the retailers can alleviate their out-of-stock issues and thus, offer ship-to-store features.
  • Marketing : Built-in marketing tools that would help to drive more traffic and thus, would promote the brand effectively.
  • Customization : Icekoder e-commerce platform services help personalize the individual e-commerce platforms to drive more successful online customers and overall profits.
  • Operations : An intuitive web-based user interface enables the business users to maintain and access the functionality with much ease.
  • Development : With Icekoder, the developers can easily build and integrate new ecommerce platforms that would offer richer and highly engaging customer experiences.

Our specialized set of e-commerce website platform Icekoder includes:

  • Effective customized website planning
  • Affordable pricing
  • Well designed and managed UX/UI platforms
  • Text message integration
  • Nationwide shops and retail online markets
  • One-stop destination
  • User-friendly ecommerce website formats

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