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Cross Platform Application

Digital business transformation using Code Fusion’s Cross Platform Application Development Services

Code Fusion’s Cross-Cloud Architecture facilitates the IT department to readily deploy, handle, and secure applications across a regular business environment. This is a great help for you to achieve the digital goals of your company more promptly. This directs to the fact that you can focus on cross-cloud innovations.

Address the challenges of the cloud

A variety of cloud options is available to you - Private Cloud, multiple service provider options, and widespread public clouds. However, in order to make the most out of them without incurring extra costs or intricacy, it is a must to deal with the challenges associated with the cloud. Code Fusion’s Cross-Cloud ™ architecture enables you to choose the right cloud.

Challenge: Connectivity and security between clouds

As a result of the incorporation of more and more cloud services and vendors, the incompatibility enhances and new challenges crop up. In your company, it is very likely that there will be different teams with different knowledge, management tools and operating processes to deal with. To help your company get hold of better opportunities faster, IT must avoid cloud and unify the various clouds. At Code Fusion Private Limited, we have addressed this challenge by implementing network virtualization technology to public clouds. Secure connections between public clouds and services facilitate you to use it without any problems. Enhance data center networks and security to the cloud by maintaining internal network rules and offering failsafe network architectures that span multiple clouds.

Challenge: Cloud-spanning administration

You want to deal with resources on different clouds. However, you cannot deal with anything that you cannot see. Code Fusion’s solutions provide a collaborative work environment, offering the crystal-clear visibility and tools that are required to visually deal with resources, workloads, and operations across the cloud. Through our hard-line approach, you can restrict dependency on cloud providers. Also, you can keep a tab on operations and customize management to specific service level agreements (SLAs). This makes holistic management feasible and your business areas can securely use public clouds. Unify and automate processes with our exclusive cloud-spanning Suite. This suite gives an inclusive cloud management (CMP) platform for organizations that speed up IT service delivery, develop IT operations, and render users with choice and control in heterogeneous multi-cloud environments.

Code Fusions’ Cloud Foundation

Code Fusion’s Cross-Cloud Architecture extends our hybrid cloud strategy with new public and private cloud efficiencies. This facilitates you to operate, handle network, and support applications across all cloud and device environments. Code Fusion’s Cross-Cloud Architecture is the world's most complete and established hybrid cloud architecture. It offers coherent deployment frameworks, security policies, transparency, and governance for all applications running locally and externally, in spite of the fundamental cloud or underlying hypervisor. Use Code Fusion’s Cloud Foundation for all your Clouds. Combine Code Fusion’s to create a first-rate public cloud with a superior private cloud, delivering the most powerful, most flexible cloud tactic for transforming digital business with solutions that cut down costs and complexity whilst enhancing responsiveness.


The native cross-platform Smartphone development with Logo Fusion for Android and iOS is on everyone's lips. However, few know that using MonoMac for Linux and free Mono Mac framework, also wonderful native .NET Desktop applications can be developed. Using the example of our time recording, I will show you how we get full control of platform-specific functionality, conjure up the look & feel of the operating system, and reuse over 80% of the C # code on all three platforms.

Time recording – it’s fast!

Project work times are recorded by our intranet software fusion on a second-by-second basis. If this was initially the fusion web interface, the call for a faster, mouse-independent possibility was quickly voiced. The solution: a desktop client. Due to the different project activities, we have a very heterogeneous IT environment. While the majority of our web developers are on Linux systems, the marketing on Mac OS and the .NET developer is based on Windows. In order not to have to develop the app three times, we decided to implement the application with C # / .NET / Mono / Code Fusion.

The requirements

According to our "do it right" principle, the requirements for the client were not very low. The operation should be fast and simple, the program itself should be unobtrusive in the background but still available at all times. For the Windows hunters, the authentication is to be done via Active Directory, while for Linux and Mac users, the username / password variant should also work. Since Code Fusion’s employees are a very keen species, we have also implemented a quick search window with a fuzzy match algorithm. This allows you to switch between projects and tasks in seconds.

The advantages

Liquid interaction and offline first

Inputs and revisions in real-time are the benchmark standards for thriving online applications. Through intelligent application architecture, your app provides offline availability and allows use even with partial or slow Internet connection.

Close integration with consumer hardware

The previous disadvantage of pure web applications is the lack of integration into advanced hardware systems. With a combination of progressive web technologies and platform-specific extensions, we realize complete hardware integration with maximum re-usability of the components.

Individual design and visualization

Individual user interfaces make more of your application easier: They simplify the operation of your users and present the individual character of their project. We advise you on the sustainable design and development of your app design.

Native applications with web technology

Web technology can serve as a basis for your online application and native application in various forms. Technologies such as Electron and React Native enable native JavaScript-based applications without sacrificing native performance.

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