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Maple Tiq – Creating a custom Asp.NET solution

Key Challenges

Tied up with accomplishing the ongoing project requirements, we received a call from a prestigious client in UK asking us to help in developing their custom Asp.NET file based price calculating application. The main aim of the client was to launch a fully functional website that should an automatic way of calculating the price of uploaded document including a payment gateway through which after successful order a person would be able to place an order. The principal focus was laid on leveraging a simple yet dynamic online function of uploading the document and calculating it’s price based on the word count with impressive graphics that could grab the attention of visitors. Furthermore, allowing the administrator to know about the analytics of the website.

  • Client

    Maple Tiq

  • Project Type

    Web Site Development & Maintenance

  • Website Url

  • Skill(s)

    HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, Asp.Net MVC, Entity Framework, SQL Server 2012

Proposition & Solution

For creating this applicaation, we worked on a defined open agile strategy and accomplished the target to create a smart user experience for kicking effective selling of products. Furthermore, by developing a peculiar billing system with custom payment API integration was another bird to catch in this project.

Our Web developers snapped the cowl ahead of market research and garnered consumer insights into fully functional web platform with the following features:

  • A full order management system, where user can place orders, cancel & view order status
  • A price calculation system with the help of just uploading a document
  • Fully mobile optimized web design using Custom Design, Photoshop & Bootstrap
  • Proficient use of MVC, JavaScript, Bootstrap & CSS.
  • Custom Solution for billing and checkout functionality.
  • Custom design solution for creating an impressive web design of site.
  • Custom File price calculation functionality for customers.
  • SEO Friendly URL
  • A login feature with facebook & google
  • Providing A live chat system integration
  • Custom API Integration for PayPal Payment Gateway

Results and Benefits:

Here, showcasing the competitive advantage in a smooth flow formed a major task for the development team to make users understand the value of each product. Product specification was laid down to clear the concept and help in better decision making to convert a visitor into a potential customer.We were successful in meeting the client’s requirements and delivered excellent work experience within specified timeframe.

Proud to say, our client is enjoying a competitive advantage in the market with a business network of worldwide customers who have acknowledged the premium features of this online web applicattion. Undoubtedly, the website is working well for more than 1 year and we are in a process to start with website promotional activities.

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